Girls Need God (not witchcraft)


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For many decades the media, advertising and consumerism machine which dominates our society has been telling girls and young women what they need, and what they should be wanting.

They have been told they need to look a certain way, to behave in a certain way, to have certain opinions, to put across a certain image in order to be popular, accepted, attractive, likeable, and thus deemed worthy of attention and approval from their peers, or from men. They have been told they need to be to be physically attractive, to be popular, to be sexually provocative, to be wild and dangerous, to pursue a career, to be powerful, to be unconventional, to be assertive, to be rebellious and – more recently – to be a ‘bad’ girl.

And so now the media has taken things to an extreme and is promoting witchcraft and satanism as a method of female empowerment, through programmes like “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” on Netflix, films like “The Witch” and “Maleficent”, and through dark pop music and video messages aimed at teenage girls, like those of Billie Eilish in particular, as well as many others. We have made several videos documenting the evidence in popular culture of such dark messages, which you can watch here.

I cannot begin to tell you how dangerous these messages are for young girls to see, hear and absorb, and I can assure you that they lead their young minds to some very dark and disturbing places, far away from where it is meant to be.

So what is it that girls actually need? because they certainly don’t need satanism, witchcraft and a hatred of men!

Well, to have this question answered in detail, I strongly recommend you listen to Tara. She has been there. She has strived for – and experienced – all the things that the media culture told her would make her feel satisfied, happy and complete, yet found them to be empty and fruitless. She has walked down many different paths (some of them rather dark) and explored all the options that society offers, and thankfully found the path of light that has brought her true fulfilment and happiness on the deepest level. This is why you should listen to Tara.

Tara is 46 years old, a mother of 4 beautiful children, and has had many intense life experiences, as you will hear. Her father died when she was 5, her mother was a heroin addict and died from an overdose when Tara was 20. She grew up around drug addicts, around shady men and lived in some very grim situations. She was wild and experimental for a time, yet was somehow protected from some of the darker fates that befell the people she knew. Please listen carefully to what she has to say in the videos here, and in her writings. It could well change your life.

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